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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus Sufferer

Have you been hearing noises lately that no one else can? There’s a strong possibility that this is due to an issue called tinnitus. Your audiologist will be able to tell you more about this condition when you book your first appointment with them if you receive a diagnosis. But you might want a little more information before you take this important step.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that causes you to hear noises that aren’t actually there. On rare occasions, these noises can be heard by an audiologist using a special listening device or by someone who is very close to your ear. Typically, no one will be able to hear the noise except for you. However, that certainly doesn’t mean you’re the only one experiencing this issue. Millions of people struggle with this condition every single day and sadly tinnitus cannot be cured.

What are the causes?

Tinnitus can actually have a wide range of causes however the most common is certainly damage to the ears. Your ears can get damaged at any sound above eighty decibels. Common or constant exposure to this level of noise without protection can cause tinnitus to develop gradually or suddenly.

As well as this, tinnitus can be experienced due to a buildup of earwax, a growth in the ear, a physical injury or a neurological problem. It must be stressed however that these cases are far rarer than actual damaged caused by loud noise. In the latter cases though, tinnitus can typically be treated rather than managed.

Can tinnitus be prevented?

Tinnitus caused by exposure to loud noises can be prevented and avoided simply by making sure that you are not putting yourself in this position. In other words, you should make sure that you are protecting your ears and also that you are being careful about the type of environments that you spend time in. An example would certainly be the workplace. If you are working around heavy machinery, your employer should be providing you with full ear protection to keep your ears completely safe from harm.

When you speak to an audiologist, they will typically ask you about your tinnitus and how it is impacting your life. It’s crucial that you answer honestly here. It’s possible that you are only experiencing tinnitus on occasion and that it’s quite low. If that’s the case, there’s a great chance that your tinnitus will disappear completely if you take the right steps to protect your ears in future. This is exactly what your audiologist will recommend.

Coping with tinnitus

Coping with tinnitus can be difficult but you should talk to your audiologist about options here. It’s quite possible that you will be able to reduce the impact that tinnitus is having in your life. While tinnitus can leave a psychological market, you have other possibilities available to you including training therapy. This is used to teach your brain to see tinnitus as a noise you don’t need to hear so that it doesn’t reach conscious thought.